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Review/Rating Mod

Review/Rating Mod




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This mod will allow your customers to rate and/or review your products. The options to view and write reviews will appear below the product, and if a product has received ratings, a coloured star image will display just below the product image, letting your customers know how others rate it.

There are a wide range of options allowing you to tailor it specifically to your store, these can be set in the mod configuration, and include the following features:

Include Reviewer Name: If set to yes, the write review section on the front of your store will have a 'Reviewer Name' field for the customer to enter their name. If you set this to no, this field will not show on the form, and the name will either be left blank, or automatically filled in from their customer details when logged in (in the form of Title LastName).

Review Rating: You can configure the mod to run in one of three modes: Rating required, which forces your customers to rate the product when placing a review; Review only, which will remove the rating option completely (this is useful if you just want your customers to comment on products); Ratings and Reviews, which leaves the rating an optional field which can be left blank. Reviews with no rating won't affect the numeric rating of your products.

Admin Verification: If this is set to Yes, any reviews posted will have to be enabled by you in your manage reviews section before they show up on the site. If set to no, they will show up on the site as soon as they are posted.

Login Required: If this is set to yes, a customer must be logged in to post reviews on your products.

Always Show Write Form: The write review section is normally hidden from view at first, and can be shown using javascript by clicking on the given text. Setting this to Yes will make it show all the time instead, for those who don't like their site using javascript.

Always Show Content: Much like the option above, the main content of each listed review is normally hidden from sight to save page space, you can make it always show up by using this option if you prefer.

Product Code: RATINGS


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