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Free website hits

Free website hits



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One of the most amazing scripts we have ever seen and the worlds first ever anonymous hit sender..
With this script set up, we can send unlimited hits to any website in the world, using our own unique method.
The hits will register on all website statistic programs and also register with Alexa.com the worldwide website monitoring service, every website that has used this script has more than doubled its popularity and also increased the websites position on many of the worlds top search engines, noticably Exactseek.com.
All hits are registered as sent from a random selection of the worlds top 100 websites, so your stats will show hits recieved from Yahoo, Google, MSN, Microsoft, Ebay etc etc. We can program this script to send hits from whatever website in the world you want.
Check out our Alexa rating after just 8 days of using this script:

Our website has gone from 0.5 visitors per million to 6 per million in just a few days
That is a 1200% increase!!
We are the first and we are the best. Toucan Web Design.

Please note this script is kept on our servers and is valid for 1 domain only further domains are available at a discount.

The free hits last for a period of 3 months.

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Product Code: FRE64


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